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Rules: All Players

Use your common sense, these rules are to be used as guidance for game play and will apply throughout all Oceanic servers. All players must adhere to these rules, finding loopholes or bending rules for your own benefit will see you punished with a warn/kick/ban.

1. Respect others, leave personal attacks out. Any disrespect, racism or discrimination towards other players will entitle you to a mute/kick/ban.

2. If an admin tells you to do something, respect their authority and adhere accordingly, admins are here to enforce the rules.

3. The ratio for teams are (3:1): 3 Terrorists for each 1 Counter-Terrorist, (i.e. 15 Ts and 5 CTs). Stacking the CT team will result in a slay/swap, repeating this offense multiple times will result in a kick/temporary CTban. There is a maximum limit of 10 CTs at any time.

4. No microphone spamming (this includes spam at the end of the round) or encouraging microphone spamming, players doing so will receive a mute/kick/ban. This applies to chat spam as well.

5. Players that use their name to communicate will be warned then kicked on the repeated offense.

6. Players that reveal map secrets will be commbanned.

7. Any advertisement on Oceanic servers or forums will entitle you to a ban, this will not be tolerated.

8. The first round of a new map is an automatic open day, this can be changed to no outside or no inside depending on the map or warden.

9. If a warden has given orders and dies before the orders or game has been carried out or if no other CT has given orders then the original orders are still valid.

10. Encouraging mass freekillers is not allowed, if someone mass freekills after a player has egged them on, the player will be punished with half the CTBan of the offending player.

11. No inappropriate sprays. This means anything illegal to everyone including people under 18.

12. No abusing bugs/glitches/exploits on the server, see rule 2.

Hacking of any sort will result in a permanent ban from all Oceanic servers. Bhop scripting, macros and AHK are also not allowed, doing so will result in warn/kick/ban.

Rules: Counter-Terrorists (CTs)

13. Freekilling or mass-freekilling will result in a CTBan. This includes freekilling of all forms (shooting props at Ts, spamming game buttons, enabling friendlyfire in an uncontrolled situation etc.) (to be unbanned you will need to wait the period of time or by posting an unban request)

14. CTs should not be excessively talking over mic unless they are the warden. Continuous talking over the warden as a CT you will get muted and swapped.

15. The more CTBans a player has, the more time they will be banned for on their next offence, up until a server ban.

16. CTs with microphones, that are willing to issue orders, will be given priority over those who do not.

17. CTs must be within clear sight/range of Ts or they will be considered to be camping where Ts are not.

18. CTs must not play a game again within the span of 3 rounds (this rule still applies if no Ts die from the game)

19. During a game, a maximum of 10 Ts can be killed, except when the game is not player controlled (i.e. Obstacle courses or Roulette on Lockdown).

20. CTs are not allowed to make Ts freeze/face a certain direction unless it is for 20 seconds during gun check, or when playing a game that requires a fixed gaze (such as Spot the F)

21. Gun check may be paused only if weapons are found, or to move Ts away from smoke. Multiple gunchecks must happen 1 minute apart. (Gun checks cannot be used to clear Ts of Grenades or Tasers)

22. CTs are not allowed to throw smoke grenades/flash bangs at non-rebelling T's. (CTs shouldn't be baiting smokes just to kill off Ts)

23. CTs are not allowed to order Ts to crouch/walk to destinations.

24. Gun planting is not allowed, doing so will result in a CTBan (planting a toy gun will be up to the admins discretion for a ban or slay).

25. CTs can kill any Ts in vents/gunroom or with powers without warning as this is deemed an autorebel. However, CTs are not allowed to camp gunroom or vents.

26. CTs cannot break vents, however if a CT is in a vent they may break their way out.

27. CTs cannot kill prisoners in cells after they close (unless the prisoner is AFK, hiding or a game has been played and they haven't asked for cells in chat prior to it starting). Any CT using a microphone to check for AFK players will be muted.

28. CTs smoking another CT will result in a temporary CT ban.

29. CTs who team kill will be temporary CT banned.

30. CTs that bait will receive a temporary CT ban. (Baiting is deliberately crossing paths with Ts or deliberately nearing their proximity)

31. Two random Ts may receive 9000hp or another reward at the admin's discretion (such as all Ts getting nades or all Ts getting 300hp, etc.), if cells have not been opened before 8:00, this includes VIP cells. (In the event of a microphone check this rule is void)

32. Ts cannot be killed for the possession of a weapon (primary or secondary), unless they are pointing/shooting at a CT (they can be asked to drop the gun but it is not a rebel if they refuse. Ts choice outside of gun-check.

33. Ts are clear to knife any CT within their 5ft radius. The CT cannot retaliate to this attack. However, a rushing T disregards this rule.

34. Ts are allowed to knife and use flashlight during gun checks.

35. CTs must not act in a way that deliberately disadvantages other CTs - such as opening cells early, spamming doors against teammates, etc.

36. CTs cannot treat any of the Ts with favouritism. All rewards, punishments and orders must be awarded equally and fairly.

37. CTs can only order Ts to stack in a small/single/confined location for legitimate reasons such as a game, otherwise this is considered smoke bait.

38. Smoking off a vent is allowed if there is no potential for non-rebelling Ts to get injured from the smoke or if the vent is of high HP enough to not break from the smoke, e.g Stylez vent or Darkcells back wall.

39. CTs are not allowed to use/activate map secrets at all, even to enter secret rooms or secret areas.

40. CTs can kill AFK T's after 8:00 if the T is not moving and blatantly AFK. (Vent cell can be killed before 8 if they do not respond to orders, i.e "Hyphen to the front of your cells"

41. A T is classed as rebelling if they throw a HE or Molotov grenade at a CT but not a smoke, decoy or flash grenade.

42. CTs are to allow Ts to escape smokes (pause races, lava games etc. This does NOT include percieved smokes: whnade, flash etc)

43. Cells must be open for a minimum of 10 seconds to allow all T's to exit them safely. CTs also cannot order Ts back into cells, doing so will result in a slay.

43.1 You may not play a game in the same area where a guncheck was commenced.

43.2 Ts are allowed to knife vents until a CT says "no knifing vents" or "knifing vents will get you shot" etc (doesn't matter on wording as long as it is clear).

43.3 Nazi behaviours are heavily discouraged as it leads to trigger-happiness, freewounding and takes a lot of the fun out of the game for the Ts. This will be up to admin discretion. An example of behaviour that is against the rules is killing a T out of cells who took a few steps in the wrong direction and obviously wasn't trying to run off, or killing that T later in the round for it.

43.4 You may not play a game in the same area where a guncheck was commenced.

Rules: Terrorists (Ts)

44. Ts killed before the opening of cells are entitled to a respawn, unless they have been slain by an admin.

45.Ts may be given AK47’s if the round is not progressing by 2:00 round time (6 mins after start time), at the admins discretion. If the round is still not progressing after 0:00 (8 mins after start time), the admin may slay all CTs.

46. The final T must !LR within 20 seconds of being ordered to, if not they may be killed by a CT.

47. You must not surprise LR unless it is the rebel LR option.

48. You must also not use medic or gain health via map related medic stations during an LR or when an LR starts.

49. You must not LR if you have powers such as speed, invis, strength etc. If you start an LR with powers you will be slayed.

50. Ts must not rebel with the !LR weapon or weapons given by admins for specific games.

51. Once !LR has been initiated, the T must complete the round in the same manner. (Can't rebel except via the LR menu)

52. Ts must not have obscure names such as “All Ts” or “Go to gun room”. People who use names such as these will be warned once and/or have their named forcibly changed and kicked on the repeated offense.

53. During the event of a zombie day; Ts must not smoke gunroom, doing so will result in a slay.

54. Ts are also not allowed to camp in vents or gunroom during any zombie day.

55. Ts can not use a freekiller's or slain CT's weapon.

56. Ts using VIP perks (such as disguise) that change the Ts appearance are not autorebelling. Ts using perks (such as firewarrior) that grant "powers" i.e. speed, are.

57. CTs are encouraged to create joy and new experience for there prisoners, rounds which are in good spirits are encourage and penalties for accidental rule infractions may be disallowed at admin discretion and vice-versa.

58. Ts cannot start an LR in which CT's must crouch continuously to reach their location.

59. Ts cannot use a gunplanted or slayed weapon dropped by a CT. Ts also cannot use any glitched weapons or weapons given by map games/for games.

60. Ts should not be continuously talking over the warden when orders are being given. Doing so will result in a mute.

61. Ts who are respawned must not rebel / interfere with the round until they reach the required game area where the other Ts area / where Ts are meant to be.

62. Anyone delaying the round may be slayed up to discretion of admins.

Rules: Rules: Server Administrators

Admins must be respectful to all players.
Admins must respect the decision of other admins, as well as respecting the rank of other admins whether above or below.
Admins abusing powers will not be tolerated and will be punished accordingly.
Admins must make decisions/enforce rules objectively, without including any personal issues or past conflicts in their judgement.
Admins must not use their powers for personal benefit in-game.
Admins must follow the warn/mute/slay/kick/ban procedure. Be tolerant with newcomers to our servers and explain the rules clearly.

Rules: Rules: Banned Games

Last Reaction/First Reaction games (frcrouch, lr jump)
Fish in a barrel (Any game consisting of CTs shooting into Ts randomly)
Hide and Seek
Simon Says
Games like True or False or Trivia games that illicit an immediate response that result in the death of Ts. Questions must be hard and the T's must take their time.
Voting games must be played with a minimum of 3 CTs alive, to prevent favoritism
Playing any form of a banned game e.g 'name says' or 'deathmatch day' etc, will result in the same punishment.

NR = New Rule, meaning the rule is up for debate or has been newly introduced.

Also a reminder, if you are server banned off of the Jailbreak server, you will be automatically server banned off of every DS server running on the Source engine